Actor Mokeme of “Shanty Town” on how having Bell’s palsy prevented him from acting.

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Actor Mokeme of “Shanty Town” on how having Bell’s palsy prevented him from acting.

A disorder known as Bell’s Palsy, which causes sudden weakening in the muscles on one side of the face, was revealed to be the lead actor in The Shanty Town.

Mokeme, a pioneer of the Nigerian film business known as Nollywood, who mysteriously vanished from the screens for a while, made this on Sunday’s episode of Rubbin Minds on Channels Television.

“Yeah, I took a break from the movie. After finishing the 76 tour, we attended the Toronto International Film Festival. I’ll say something that I haven’t actually said anywhere else since I developed Bell’s Palsy after that, just as we were getting ready to travel to the UK for the British International Film Festival. It was the first time I had heard of the condition, Mokeme added.

Bell’s Palsy is a condition that affects one side of your face and causes you to droop. It manifests itself similarly to a stroke. Because they were unable to determine its etiology or a suitable course of treatment, experts believed it to be incurable. You can therefore understand what I may have been going through at that moment if you are an actor and you get sick to your face.

I attempted to attend the Lagos premiere of 76 at the time because I felt I could utilize it, but as the spotlight seemed to be more on the face than the premiere, I realized I couldn’t use it. I’ll take some time off to try to solve that issue. So I just concentrated on taking care of my other things in the interim,” the actor continued.

Thank goodness, the amazing actor has made a comeback, and this time, he did so with a bang. Old fans of Nollywood were reminded of the reasons why he had long been considered as the bad boy of the business by his performance in the popular film Shanty Town, where he gave a masterful depiction of the character “Scar.”

After a long break from the big screen, when asked how he felt about the many excellent reviews of his performance in the Shanty Town movie, Mokeme responded, “It’s been humbling and coming from where I’m coming from in the last four to five years, I’m still trying to take it in.”

When Shanty Town was first released, it quickly rose to the top of the worldwide streaming service Netflix, which is available in more than 140 countries and consistently ranks among the top 5 shows in most of them.