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Niger police: Why we dispersed the Tinubu support rally



The state’s Borgu Local Government Area’s pro-Tinubu protest was dispersed, according to the Niger State Police Command.

Wasiu Abiodun, the state command’s public relations officer, claimed in a phone conversation with our correspondent on Tuesday that the command learned there would be issues and took steps to prevent them.


He continued by saying that it was a preventative action to guard against a security breach in the neighborhood.

“The police took control of the rally’s location as a preventative step after receiving information about a potential security breach there.

As a result, Abiodun continued, “we had to take the necessary steps to prevent any potential attack or hijack by suspected miscreants to cause mayhem and breach of the peace in the community.”


Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate for the All Progressives Congress, and Kashim Shettima were seeking support at the rally known as “Grand Lockdown.”

Usman Shehu, a supporter of Tinubu and Shettima, said: “The demonstration was scheduled to take place at the Borgu Township Stadium at 11am on Tuesday, but when supporters arrived, they discovered that the police had seized control of the location and its surroundings.

“We had already made all of the arrangements we needed for the rally. We had completed all of the necessary preparations for the rally, including decorations and sound checks. The police had barricaded the location when we arrived early this morning, and they advised us to leave because the event wouldn’t take place.


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