A pastor dies while trying to imitate Jesus’ 40-day fast.

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After endeavoring to fast for 40 days like Jesus Christ, a pastor in Mozambique passed away.


By the conclusion of his ordeal, Francisco Barajah, who established the Santa Trindade Evangelical Church in the Manica province’s central region, was unable to stand, bathe, or walk, according to Noticias Online.

On Wednesday, February 15, he passed away in a medical facility in the town of Beira.


As Barajah’s condition deteriorated noticeably, family and friends started to worry about him and ultimately decided to step in.

According to the local article on Barajah’s attempt to duplicate the fast, he was skipping both food and water.


The pastor, who was also a French teacher, allegedly experienced “serious anemia.” and was unable to digest food, experienced internal organ damage, and


It also states that one of Barajah’s neighbors claimed the cleric was ill on day 25, but that things got considerably worse on day 38 of his fast.


Medical professionals reportedly tried unsuccessfully to rehydrate and feed Barajah with liquids.