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New Naira: Violence breaks out in Lagos



Violence broke out in several places of the well-traveled Lagos–Ikorodu expressway in Lagos State over the difficulty the new naira notes have caused Citizens.

Dailyupdates learned on Friday morning that suspected thugs attacked commuters and caused pandemonium on the expressway in the Mile 12, Ketu, and Ojota zones.


A driver who works for one of the state’s cab-hailing companies claimed he had to pull into one of the streets because of the chaos but did not want his identity published for fear of retribution.

Tweeps claimed they could hear gunshots while sharing information about the ongoing conflict in the neighborhood.

The violence occurring in the Mile 12 region of Lagos State has been confirmed by Benjamin Hundeyin, the public relations officer for the Lagos State Police.


On Friday, he announced this via his Twitter account.

In response to a tweet that requested confirmation of the rumor from the PPRO, Hundeyin stated, “It is true. There are our men. Units for reinforcement have been sent out. As we closely monitor and control the situation, keep yourself safe outside.

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