The body of the MMA fighter’s ex-girlfriend was placed in a bin and hidden in his closet after she had been stabbed 17 times.

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During a quarrel outside the woman’s Tennessee house, a former MMA fighter is accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend 17 times before packing her body into a bin and hiding it in his closet.

Irene Torres, 24, was allegedly stabbed outside the house she shared with her parents early on the morning of January 29 by Dwayne Herelle Jr., 28, who has been charged with murder, according to her sister and local media.

According to the victim’s older sister Reyna Douglas, Herelle reportedly waited for Torres to arrive home from her stint at work before “sneaking up from behind and ambushing her.”


She wrote, “She was repeatedly dragged and stabbed in front of her parent’s house.”

During a crowded court session on Wednesday, Feb. 15, investigators disclosed that Torres had been stabbed “in excess of 17 times,” according to WKRN.


Next, according to authorities, Herelle pulled Torres’ body into the trunk of his car and went home. There, he placed her remains in a storage container and hid the container in his closet.

According to the local publication, Metro Nashville Police Department Detective Derry Baltimore testified in court that the two had an argument prior to the attack.


Also, according to Baltimore, Herelle threw Torres’s pocketbook and a pair of bloody pants into a trash can behind a grocery store.

Torres’ parents allegedly observed Herelle taking her out of the camera frame when they watched the exterior surveillance footage of their home after realizing their daughter had not returned, according to authorities.


Torres’ father contacted the ex-girlfriend of his daughter, who originally claimed to be in a hotel before allegedly confessing and said that the victim’s body was in his closet.

Herelle’s sister claimed that Torres ended their abusive, physically and emotionally violent relationship a month before Herelle was killed.

Irene spent some of the final months of her young life being abused, degraded, scared, and afraid, Douglas wrote, “when most 24-year-olds are planning their jobs, and futures, and are positive about the world.” Irene bravely left her violent relationship and was thrilled to begin a new life with the support of her family. However, one month later, she was brutally murdered in her front yard after being tracked down there.

She described the passing of her sister as “a needless tragedy,” but said that her legacy would endure.


Irene was tormented, abused, and lived in fear, but Douglas remarked that despite this, “she always had a grin on her face and a praise to give.”