Election: 100 religious leaders back Tinubu in Rivers

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In Rivers State, more than 100 clerics and prophets have endorsed Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate, and Kashim Shettima, Tinubu’s running mate.

This was stated by the spiritual leaders affiliated with Rivers Pastors Unite for Tinubu following a meeting on Monday in Port Harcourt.

They claimed that the APC presidential candidate in the 2023 election was the only one capable of resolving the numerous problems facing the nation.

None of the candidates, according to the RPUT Coordinator, Pastor Sunday Edimeh, who read their resolution, had supported the Christian community as much as Tinubu had.

But Edimeh, who is also the head of the Port Harcourt-based One Life Bible Church, made it clear that their stance solely related to the presidential election and had nothing to do with the governorship and other elections in Rivers State.


Pastor Julius Dan of the Apostolic Church of Nigeria, Apostle Stephen Ngajaekwu of Christ King of Glory, and Pastor John Monday of the QWA Iboe Church were among the other clergy members present at the gathering.

Edimeh urged Christians to support the truth and repay Tinubu’s kindness to the Christian community by mobilizing votes for him across the nation, quoting from the Bible.

None of the top presidential contenders, he claimed, had given the Christian community as much support as Bola Tinubu.

“On the soil of the Christian community, Jesus has sown only good seeds, and such should never be disregarded.

“We urge our clergy colleagues to support the truth at this time. We are aware of a presidential candidate who has emphasized the Christian agenda, but it is important to consider how he has uplifted the Christian community in the past.

“The Christian community is not in any way endangered by the choice of a running mate.”

Hence, let us distance ourselves from the political transition’s cold-hearted inclinations, which want to engineer pointless religious conflicts, Edimeh continued.

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu hasn’t demonstrated any behavior that would indicate he doesn’t respect the religious beliefs of all Nigerians.

He added that Tinubu had a reputation as a leader among leaders, whose influence and expertise had stood the test of time because of his consistent displays of skill, grit, and persistence.

He declared that Bola Tinubu “is actually a kingmaker, who has fostered a number of political proteges regardless of their religious and ethnic preferences.”