Elections: The NYSC DG tells corps members not to accept food or gifts

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Brigadier General Yushau Dogara Ahmed, the director general of the National Youth Service Corps, has issued a warning to corps members who would vote in the general elections on Saturday not to take food or presents from anyone.

This is true, as he stated, as more than 200,000 corps members have been used as temporary staff.

These were said by the NYSC Director on Wednesday in Abuja when discussing the organization’s election readiness with journalists.

He said that INEC staff had previously taught election participants both inside and outside of orientation camps.

“I want to caution the corps members to exercise caution in any situation they find themselves in. They ought to refuse any gifts from politicians.

They can’t take food from anyone, ever. They should travel with at least their service support. We don’t anticipate any corps member accepting any type of reward or gift.

“More than 200,000 corps members have been sent. Participants in this election have already received training. Some of them receive training apart from the camps. Officials from INEC trained those who recently graduated in the camp. They received appropriate instruction, as well as directives. They are prepared to provide their best effort since they are well-informed, according to Ahmed.

He claims that the NYSC has taken steps to safeguard corp members’ safety both during and after the elections.

Meeting with the leaders of security agencies to make sure they are safe, according to Ahmed, was one of the attempts.

“The security of these corps members is fundamental, and I must also mention that,” he continued. I’ve met with the DSS and the IG of Police since taking charge. Every effort is being made to safeguard the safety of the Corps members, and I have met with the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps and INEC.

We received a guarantee from INEC that they would transport these corps members to their designated locations and bring them safely back from wherever they are being picked up.