Naira shortage: Amotekun detains a man in Ekiti with fake N100,000 new naira notes.

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A guy named Celestine was detained by members of the Ekiti State Security Network, also known as the Amotekun Corps, for having fraudulent fresh N1000 notes worth roughly N100,000.

The suspect was apprehended in Omuo-Ekiti, Ekiti East Local Government Area of the state, according to the corps commander, Brigadier General Joe Komolafe (retd), who made this known while parading the suspect at the corps headquarters in Ado-Ekiti on Tuesday, February 21.

The commander claims that the guy was apprehended after a Point of Sale (PoS) operator in the neighborhood raised an alarm after finding phony fresh naira notes in his possession.

Some Point of Sale employees informed Amotekun agents when they found fraudulent new naira notes nearby. Our troops sprang into action after receiving the information and detained the suspect along with a sizable number of the counterfeit naira notes, according to Komolafe.

“Our men received reliable information that the suspect entered the neighborhood with roughly N250,000 in counterfeit fresh N1,000 notes. At this moment, he is being questioned at our office. When our investigation into the incident is complete, he will be turned over to the police for a more thorough investigation and possible prosecution.

The commander of Amotekun issued a public advisory, “to be careful of the actions of those he described as unscrupulous individuals who may wish to take advantage of the country’s cash shortage in order to con the people with bogus new naira notes.
He claimed to have a specialty in purchasing bitter kola and claimed to have been paid in cash in Lagos.”


“Before we got a tip and went after him, the suspect left the region and began spending the money in Omuo.

He claimed to be an expert at purchasing bitter Kola and that he was also paid in cash in Lagos.

“Upon questioning, he admitted to the crime and claimed to have received $250,000 from a plant in Lagos, but only $100,000 was discovered on him because he had already spent $150,000 in the region.

The suspect, who identified himself as a businessman from Lagos State, told newsmen that he was on his way to Isanlu in Kogi State to buy bitter cola and kolanut when he was stopped with the phony new naira notes.


The suspect said he didn’t realize the bogus new naira notes were false when he acquired them from a customer in Lagos.