On election days, the IGP orders movement restrictions.

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Usman Baba Alkali, the Inspector-General of Police, has mandated that all movements be restricted on election days between the hours of 12 pm and 6 pm.


This is happening just 48 hours before the start of the Presidential and National Assembly Elections, the first round of the 2023 General Elections, which are scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 25, 2023, across the entire territory of the Federal Capital Territory and the States of the Federation (FCT).

With the exception of those providing critical services like INEC officials, electoral observers, ambulances responding to medical emergencies, firefighters, etc., the ban applies to vehicular movement on roads, rivers, and other kinds of transportation.


According to a statement from the Nigerian Police Force,

“The order, which is a component of the measures put in place to guarantee a safe, secure, and favorable environment for the conduct of elections, aims to ensure public order management, the safety of voters, as well as helping the security agencies conduct effective policing, preventing hoodlums and criminally inclined individuals from interfering with the electoral process.


The IGP also sharply urges all security aides and escorts to refrain from going with their principals and politicians to polling places and collation centers during the election since anyone found disobeying this order will face serious sanctions.


“He adds that only election-related security personnel should be observed in and around the specified polling places and centers.

“He adds that only election-related security personnel should be observed in and around the specified polling places and centers.


Also, the prohibition on the use of sirens, rotating lights, covered license plates, and tinted glasses is still in effect, and offenders will face corresponding sanctions.


The management of election security is likewise prohibited for any State-established and -owned security outfits/organizations, quasi-security units, and privately-owned guard and security outfits.


“The IGP invites all active electorates to be law-abiding and turn out in large numbers to exercise their right to vote, while sympathizing with well-meaning citizens on the problems the restriction may create.

He does, however, issue a warning that the Force will take decisive action against any person or group that tries to undermine our ability to stand together and ensure a fair election.


Therefore, the IGP urges all citizens to abstain from vote buying, vote selling, hate speech, misinformation, and disinformation, snatching of ballot boxes, and other criminal act(s), as the Force and other security agencies will stop at nothing to ensure that all offenders of existing laws, most notably the Electoral Act 2022 (as amended), are brought to justice.

“Therefore, the Nigeria Police Force urges all members of the public to get in touch with the Nigeria Police Force and the Joint Election Monitoring and Operations Room located at the Force Headquarters in Abuja via the “NPF Rescue Me App,” which is available on Android and iOS, or via the NPF Rescue Me Emergency Toll-free line at 08031230631 to report suspicious people, activities, or request security response.


Similar to this, all State Police Commands would issue their respective room numbers for cooperative operations and election-related emergencies.