Election results in 2023 must keep Nigeria united. Kashim Shettima

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Nigeria must remain together after the results of the 2023 elections, according to Kashim Shettima, the vice presidential candidate for the All Progressives Congress.

Shettima warned that “one out of every four black males in the world is a Nigerian” and stated that “we cannot afford to mess up the election” while speaking to media on Saturday, February 25, at his Shettima Kukawa 023 polling location in the Lawan Bukar Ward of Maiduguri.

The 2023 presidential election, according to him, will be “a very crucial election in this country’s contemporary history.”

Bola Tinubu, the APC’s nominee for president, has the “maturity, experience, exposure, and, most crucially, the intellect to drive the process of nation building,” according to him.

There are 176,000 polling places in this country, so it is not a simple assignment for INEC, he said, commending the organization of the election process.

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