Election 2023: Sen. Ohuabunwa denies being arrested for purchasing votes.

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The Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) candidate for the Abia North Senate seat in the election on Saturday, Senator Mao Ohuabunwa, has denied as untrue the allegation of his claimed arrest and incarceration for alleged vote-buying.

The report that attempted to link him with cultists was also criticized by him as being absurd and having a weak script.

The “imaginary and fabricated tale” was the “handiwork of disgruntled election losers desperately looking for ways to keep afloat,” according to the former Leader of the ECOWAS Parliament.

Ohuabunwa claimed that because of his popularity among his constituents, he did not need to buy votes in order to be re-elected to the Senate.

He added that, in contrast to the false reports, no security agency had searched his home or detained anyone connected to him because there was no justification for doing so.

The former chairman of the Senate Committee on Primary Health and Communicable Diseases said it was absurd for anyone to try to associate him with cults or hoodlums given his Christian faith and upright family upbringing.

He pleaded with the people to disregard such fictitious and fraudulent information being spread by paid shills for a bitter election loser who is urgently seeking attention.

Senator Ohuabunwa, who is confident in winning the Abia North senatorial election on Saturday, urged his supporters to maintain composure while waiting for the election’s final findings.

As we follow developments, our people should maintain their composure and watchfulness. The people behind this fraudulent magazine are the same people trying to influence the election’s outcome by fraud and intimidation, but they will fail.

Any attempt to undermine the will of the people would fail, Ohuabunwa said. “We know their antics and trade in stock, which is to use blackmail as a smokescreen to perfect their rigging operation,” he said.

According to a former House of Representatives leader, Abia North has to be freed from the control of anti-democratic forces.

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