Policeman assaults Kwara doctor for examining wife without his consent

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According to reports, the mobile police officer brought his wife to the general hospital for treatment before returning to attack the doctor for touching his wife without his permission.


According to information obtained, the individual was apprehended by an NSCDC unit in the general hospital and is currently being held by the state police command in Ilorin.


The doctor’s action, according to the NMA chairman, was intended to send a strong message to the community and force the community to take action to warn their wards, not the state government or hospital administration.

“It hurts so much for all of us to be here together today. One of our doctors was attacked at the UITH just over two months ago. After investing a lot of time and energy in trying to remedy the issue, it just happened again, he stated.


“One of our members was attacked on Sunday about 5 o’clock while going about his normal business in the obstetrics and gynecology department of the general hospital in Ilorin.


“According to reports, a man arrived with his wife around noon and complained that she was ill. After the requisite investigation and testing, the patient received therapy before being released to return home.

Yet the husband would return later in the day to criticize the physician, insisting that the physician had not requested his permission before performing an examination on his wife, the doctor stated.

The wife was evaluated in a room with a female chaperone, according to the NMA chairman, who maintained that the wife was an adult who could decide to consent to the examination without obtaining consent.


The doctor performed his legal job, but was assaulted as payment. Thank Goodness the doctor was saved by pedestrians and other employees, the man claimed.


“This is taking place as a result of the brain drain among medical professionals in the nation, in addition to the societal difficulties that Nigerians, especially the physicians, are experiencing. How long are we going to let this go on?

In addition to other stakeholders, he praised the management of the General Hospital in Ilorin and the state government, particularly the state governor, for the proactive measures taken thus far on the issue.


The head of the NMA asked the public to direct their complaints to the proper parties if they had problems to resolve and to refrain from breaking the law.