To compete with Elon Musk’s Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta will release an app.

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In an effort to compete with Elon Musk’s Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta has revealed that it is developing a new social media app that will allow users to share posts with a character limit.


The “standalone decentralized social network” is real, according to a Meta representative who told Reuters that “there is an option for a distinct place” where users may post updates about their interests.


Although the app’s name is currently unclear, it will be built on the same structure as Mastodon, a service that resembles Twitter that was introduced in 2016.

Meta would be able to profit off the current upheaval at the Musk-led corporation, where cost-cutting and layoffs have been widespread, by using a Twitter-like app.

According to a MoneyControl story published on Thursday, the competitor to Meta’s Twitter service is known as “P92.”


Those with knowledge of the situation informed MoneyControl that the app will be branded with the Instagram logo and allow users to sign up using the same credentials.