Nigeria Scam Artist on the run. (screenshots)

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There has been talk of a scam artist on social media, particularly WhatsApp.

This inform was gotten from

She is known for selling “FAKE” airtime and data subscriptions, which she first requests payment for before telling them the service they initially intended to pay for or subscribe to is no longer available. She then proceeds to suggest they go for a higher plan, blatantly baiting them and obtaining more money. According to our sources, we have looked into her, and it has come to our attention that she has scammed more than 150 people.

We have testimonies and witnesses in this case because she has done this to more than 50 people.

here is the scam artist mobile number 09015722440 be sure to avoid it at all costs

We try to warn our viewers to be watchful for online fraud and crime. Please be aware that this con artist has been pulling off this scam for a while. These are cold, heartless people. Make sure the recipient is someone you can trust before you even consider sending your hard-earned money to them.
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below are the screenshots of the scam artist and a client who got scammed.