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Manchester United have previously turned down a Neymar trade because Sheikh Jassim is their top priority.



Manchester United may try to purchase Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain if Sheikh Jassim’s takeover effort is successful.
Manchester United reportedly plans to try to recruit Neymar if Sheikh Jassim’s takeover attempt is successful. The player from Paris Saint-Germain, who has performed thus far in his career, would unquestionably be a fascinating addition to the Premier League. Since the club turned down a swap deal for the Brazil international during the summer 2019 transfer window, there is no guarantee that a trade will occur.
It was stated on Friday that Sheikh Jassim intends to make Neymar the face of his Old Trafford era once the Glazers are successfully expelled.

Given that the PSG star has long been recognized as one of the finest players in all of football, it is simple to understand why.


United, though, previously rejected Neymar because to budgetary constraints. And even though Sheikh Jassim has a lot of money, the old justifications still hold true today.

The Independent claimed in 2019 that PSG had considered a swap deal in which Paul Pogba would have gone in one way while Neymar moved to the Premier League.

Pogba was considering leaving the Red Devils at the moment since his career had been challenging under Jose Mourinho.