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Navy Officials Say Retired Naval Chief Gambo Will Turn Over On Friday.



Vice Admiral Awwal Gambo, a retired chief of the naval staff, will officially pass over command to Rear Admiral Ikechukwu Ogalla on Friday, June 23, according to the Nigerian Navy.

“It suffices to say that the Nigerian Navy has always had a formal handing-over and taking-over ceremony. The leaving CNS is anticipated to offer the incoming CNS a thorough orientation, visit significant naval installations, and conduct the formal lowering of the ensign upon the announcement of the changing of the “Watch on deck”.


Accordingly, the schedule of activities leading up to the official handing over and taking over ceremony has begun, and it will conclude with a public ceremony on Friday, June 23, 2023, in keeping with long-standing naval tradition, according to a statement from the Naval Director of Information, AO Ayo-Vaughan.

The naval spokesman refuted rumors that Gambo refused to take over to Ogalla after President Bola Tinubu selected new service chiefs, including Ogalla, on Monday after retiring the previous ones.

The public, he said, should disregard “the malicious publication and erroneous information as a figment of the reporter’s imagination.”


Considering that sister Services have set aside certain dates for their handing and taking over ceremonies, it is instructive to emphasize that they are also scheduled to transfer. The public is consequently encouraged to disregard the malicious publication and false information as a fiction of the author’s imagination, according to Ayo-Vaughan.

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