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INEC’s defense is postponed to July 4 by the presidential tribunal.



The hearing of the defense submitted by the Independent National Electoral Commission has been postponed by the Presidential Petition Election Court until Tuesday, July 4.

The court set Monday, July 3 for respondents to present their case in defense of the petition filed by retaliating parties contesting the results of the February 25 election in which Bola Tinubu won the presidency. This date was set by the court on June 23.


The electoral commission was scheduled to present their case against the petition submitted by the Labour Party and its candidate for president, Peter Obi, on Monday morning.

A.B. Mahmoud, SAN, the attorney for INEC, revealed to the court during Monday’s proceedings that the commission had paid three witnesses to testify in support of their defense.

But he claimed that the witness who was supposed to give a testimony was compelled to miss the hearing.


He then requested that the matter be postponed until the following day.

Following the consent of the other parties involved in the case, the PEPC, led by Justice Haruna Tsammani, complied with the request.

The results of the presidential election are being contested in court by three aggrieved parties and their candidates.


The LP and Obi, the Peoples Democratic Party and Atiku Abubakar, and the Allied Peoples Movement are the petitioners.

The parties and their candidates then brought the electoral commission, the president, his vice president, Kassim Shetima, and their party, the APC, to court in separate petitions.

On June 23, they had finished presenting their case, clearing the way for the respondents to present their arguments in court.










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