— Akeredolu, 1999 Constitution: States reduced to pitiful beggars

Rotimi Akeredolu, the governor of Ondo State, voiced concern Tuesday that the federation’s states had become little more than pitiful beggars.

Akeredolu gave a speech at the Adeyemi Federal University of Education’s 59th Founders’ Day Anniversary Lecture, Award, and Endowment in Ondo.

The governor added that unless the fundamental legislation is changed to reposition the nation to position itself for the creation of products and services, there will be no end to the people’s misery. The governor said through his Special Adviser on Union Matters and Special Duties, Mr. Dare Aragbaiye.

“A flawed law cannot foster peace and advancement,” he declared. The majority of the time, it is what causes issues that seem unsolvable.

“Where the law and its application are substantially biased against the bulk of the population, there cannot be development. Society is at danger when the law is used to suppress people.

“A codification that alienates the populace from its intended purpose is both oppressive and dishonest.

There can be no meaningful progress if there are rules that are only intended to protect the privileges of a parasitic few at the expense of the many.

The presence of the 1999 Constitution in its modified form, according to Akeredolu, is an experiment in bold mendacity.

Additionally, he suggested the Republican Constitution of 1963 as a solid roadmap for future growth.

If the main goal of development is to help people overcome their problems, then subverting the will of the people cannot lead to growth in any community.

“No law can be used to further the cause of society if it forces the whims and caprices of a partisan minority on the majority of the populace.

This so-called Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s people is an experiment in audacious mendacity, if there is any document whose existence can be said to be such.

“The Constitution lies openly about itself. Nothing could be further than this blatant deception, which professes to reflect the desires of the Nigerian people, the governor remarked.

Akeredolu asserted that the incoming Asiwaju Bola Tinubu administration “has its job clearly defined” and urged it to be bold in facing the issues head-on. It has marketed its campaign on the promise of a Renewed Hope, so it is inheriting more than just a backlog of citizen complaints and discontent from throughout the nation.





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