July 24, 2024

APC’s Sabo-Kente claims, “I Never Received Any Letter Of Expulsion.”

David Sabo-Kente, a troubled All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate in Taraba State, asserts that there was no official letter from his ward indicating his removal from the party.

Due to their alleged anti-party conduct, the party on Monday ousted and suspended David Jimkuta and Sabo Kente, ordering them not to represent themselves as party members.

But he stated on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily program on Thursday that he was unaware of the event.

“As I speak to you, I am not in possession of any letters. I submit that I never received an invitation, and they never sent me a letter. I never received correspondence from my ward or the local government. I have not been suspended by the party officials in my ward, he insisted.

“When they wanted to cause trouble, they simply gathered a group of guys and had them write. They wrote, and the excos followed up in Abuja, where the issue was resolved.

He regretted that the letter was from 2022 and that no letter had been sent for him to respond to the several accusations made against him.

“What the committee read out is merely a fake. My ward’s executives have not removed me from office. I was not invited to appear before the celebration, so I decline.

“I only recently came across a letter that was going around on social media. They are referring to a letter that was written before the end of last year, but no action was taken on it until after the elections, the man added.

An explanation
Elsudi Ibrahim, the chairman of the Taraba APC, who was also a guest on the program, explained that Kente had not been suspended directly from his ward.

He claimed that the multiple accusations made against him by his ward and the local administration served as justification for the suspension.

“Let me be clear. Yes, Kente was not suspended or expelled from his ward. The APC chieftain said, “Instead, they listed a number of accusations against him for anti-party activities and then advocated his expulsion.

“We received letters from Kente’s ward. The majority of the executives signed a petition demanding his dismissal, and his local government has since written him a letter. Instead of replying, he yelled obscenities at the secretary who had called and threatened to lock them up.

The local government reportedly carried out its disciplinary obligation to expel Sabo-Kente in accordance with a condition of the party constitution after obtaining written letters from his ward, according to the chairman.

According to Section 13, Subsection 94, the state working committee is responsible for handling appeals and other matters that are referred to it by the working committee for the local government area, the senatorial district, and the state’s wards.

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