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BBNaija: Phyna shares details of her Pregnancy




What I Told My Dad When He Asked About My Pregnancy At Age 19 and 24 – Phyna Shares Detail

Phyna, a reality personality on Big Brother Naija, has gone into greater detail about her abortions and what she told her father when he inquired about them.


Phyna has been trending for days after she confessed in a Twitter dispute that she has performed two abortions. The reality personality admitted to Punch in an interview that she became pregnant while in a terrible relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

Phyna claims that her father called her to question her following their online argument over the abortion comment. She disclosed that she informed her father that she got her candor from him, which is why she was so open with her pregnancy.


When asked how she felt about the response she received after admitting to having two abortions, Phyna said:

“Everyone in my family is really honest. People merely interpret things in their own ways and say whatever they want; I could care less. Because I am an open book to people who know me, I was just chuckling at their replies to me.


I responded, “I can’t respond to you; you are an abortionist,” and then admitted to having had abortions. I don’t care how people perceive me; I don’t have anything to be embarrassed of. If I ever commit a mistake, I take responsibility for it. My dad asked me why I said something like that when he phoned me about it, and I just said, “Dad, I learnt that from you oo..”

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