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Bello welcomes PDP defectors to the APC in Kogi



Yahaya Bello, the governor of Kogi State, promised on Friday that the elections for governor on November 11 will be free and fair.

The governor provided the reassurance as he officially welcomed thousands of PDP members from the state’s Ankpa Local Government Area.


The now-former PDP supporters have made the decision to switch allegiance to the APC, which is currently in power in Kogi State.

Insinuating that the APC in Kogi State is a party that does not discriminate, Governor Bello reassured the new members that they would be treated kindly and given equal privileges just like founding party members.


The governor praised the delegation for their tenacity, commitment, and determination to support the APC while stating that the ruling party was the best choice to be a part of as his administration works to rebuild Kogi State.

Bello praised the chairman of the Ankpa LGA, Hon. Ibrahim Abagwu, for his hard work and praised the former Deputy Speaker, Hon. Rabiu Alfa, for his loyalty and dedication.


The governor reaffirmed that the APC does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, social class, or any other dividing characteristics.

“I want to reiterate that the election on November 11 will be free, fair, and peaceful.


“The government will make sure there is no violence during the process. We’ll make sure Kogi State residents vote because security personnel will deal with anyone attempting to undermine the state.

He mentioned a few of the accomplishments of his administration in Ankpa Local Government and pledged to do more.


In order for everyone to benefit from the benefits of good governance, he urged the new members to recruit more of their supporters and encourage others in the grassroots to join the APC.

They decided to join the ruling party because they recognized Governor Bello’s leadership abilities and political trajectory, which reflect his firmness to always do the right thing, according to the delegation’s leader, Hon. Abraham Usman, a former PDP supporter.


He pointed out that the group’s members are senior PDP figures in the Ankpa LGA who are now prepared to work for the APC.

They were strong grassroots stakeholders from the Ankpa LGA who had been harvested by party stakeholders from the local government, led by the recently-departed deputy speaker of the state House of Assembly, according to Party Chairman Hon. Abdullahi Bello, who earlier received the new members before presenting them to the governor.


He claimed that the new party members were eager to sign up, contribute, and help the party win the upcoming elections.

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