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Brazilian Dani Alves was transferred to a less desirable location.



Dani Alves will be sent to Brians 2 prison in Sant Esteve Sesrovires (Barcelona) by the Generalitat’s Secretariat for Penal Measures, Reinsertion, and Attention to the Victim in order to “better assure security and harmony,” prison sources told Europa Press.

For allegedly sexually assaulting a lady in a Barcelona nightclub on December 30, Alves has been in a temporary jail since Friday. Over the weekend, he was housed in the Brians 1 income module of Sant Esteve Sesrovires, a prison for remand inmates.


Alves was sent to Brians 2 this morning, a prison for criminals that also houses certain remand inmates, including the player.

Since Brians 2 “has smaller residential modules, which allows to better maintain security and cohabitation,” the decision was made. In this prison, there are typically 80 convicts each module, whereas there are roughly 200 in each of Brians 1’s.


According to the sources cited above, the crime for which he is under investigation “has not been a factor to take into account” when deciding to approve the transfer.

Once at Brians 2, Alves will get a personal examination, have his things searched, and receive visits from center staff members like the doctor, psychologist, and educator.


He will be in the admissions module during this process, which might take up to five days, before the experts at the center choose which module he will be placed in.


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