July 21, 2024

Breaking: Air Peace is prepared to transport Nigerians stuck in Sudan

Nigerians stuck in Sudan have been offered a free flight home by Air Peace, the country’s largest domestic airline.

The ongoing uprising in the nation of North-East Africa serves as a backdrop to this.

The airline stated that students from Nigeria and others stuck in the war-torn country need our assistance.
In 2019, during the height of the xenophobic attack against Africans living in South Africa, the airline deployed flights to evacuate Nigerians there. a situation that put Nigerians’ lives in danger.

Although Sudan’s airspace is off-limits to civil aviation, Air Peace Chairman Allen Onyema claimed that Nigerians could be relocated to a neighboring nation and the airline would fly there and evacuate them.

In his own words: “Nigeria cannot afford to lose its citizens there, so I must assist. My personal commitment would be to see to the safety of the stranded Nigerians in the violent nation.

“Everything cannot be left up to the government alone, especially given the urgency of the situation.

“Once more, Air Peace is prepared to transport Nigerians stuck in Sudan for free if the government can transfer them to an airport in one of the nations bordering Sudan that is safe and secure.

“Government and government alone cannot handle everything. We will be there to instill a sense of national pride and unity in every Nigerian trapped in Sudan, which will be a privilege and an honor that will fill us with immense pride.

“We are very prepared to get started right away. Do not waste time. We support any action that would foster pride in one’s country, a sense of unity, and peace. Again, despite some challenges, we do not apologize for loving and believing in our country.

“We will enter to remove them if they are transferred to Kenya, Uganda, or any other country. Some parents have begun contacting us for assistance. We are prepared to repeat this process frequently.


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