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Ciara supports universal education and believes that equity and access are crucial.



Ciara Wilson, a philanthropist and Grammy Award-winning singer, has named equity and access as crucial elements in ensuring that all children receive an education worldwide.

This was said by Ciara on Tuesday during an interview with Anne Nwaghodoh of Channels Television at the SDG Media Zone event held in New York City in conjunction with the UN General Assembly.


With the Why Not You Foundation, the 37-year-old has long been a driving force behind the Sustainable Development Goals for maternal health and gender equality.

She remarked, “I believe that access, whether it be public or private, and equity are both crucial. What’s been amazing is that I think of my sister-in-law, who attended both public and private schools at various points in her life and both were excellent institutions. And I believe the access and equity she was able to enjoy were fantastic.


She attended Stanford and excelled there. You therefore consider those opportunities and the balance system to be extremely crucial. It is crucial that we keep raising the bar for our educational methods and curricula, as well as remaining aware of and adapting to societal changes.

It’s not like, ‘Let’s throw aside the old philosophies,’ you know. Keep some of the wonderful old traditions, but add some modern touches to reflect how this generation and the world are evolving. Put these ideas into practice to provide children with the opportunity they deserve.


The American singer acknowledged how crucial it is for her to be able to use her platform to change the world and inspire her friends to do the same.

Even though there has been significant progress in maternal health, Ciara emphasizes that much work still needs to be done in light of the fact that many women of African ancestry die during childbirth.


She argued that it’s critical to improve educational processes and courses, adding that doctors’ patient care and empathy are also crucial.

When discussing her music career, Ciara claimed she always thought from an early age that she would make it to the top—a goal she stated became a reality. She ascribed her longevity to her mentality.


She acknowledged that while the voyage could seem lovely and glamorous, it wasn’t always that way and noted that she occasionally had to dig deep.

Ciara declared that she was committed to continuing to have fun and provide her fans with songs.


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