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2023 Election

Eight expectations for INEC in the governorship election in Nigeria



The election that took place on February 25 left a sweet-bitter taste, and many people had their doubts about how the Independent National Electoral Commission conducted itself. Nigerians go back to the polls again on March 18. (INEC).

On Saturday, when voters go to the polls to elect governors and members of the State House of Representatives for their states, the gubernatorial contest will be in the spotlight.


For the general public, this election is crucial since the candidates are public servants with whom they will engage more frequently. As a result, they cannot afford to cast their ballots incorrectly or allow anything or anybody to taint the election’s fairness and produce bad results.

In light of this, here are eight things Nigerians may expect from INEC both before and after voting begins.


1. Dependable technology
Nigerians anticipate INEC to utilize dependable and efficient technology, particularly for the use of card readers and the transmission of results, during the governorship elections.

2. Proper technology testing
Before the governorship elections, INEC must demonstrate to the electorate that its technology has undergone sufficient testing to guarantee that it is reliable and efficient.


3. Better election official training
The electorate would also anticipate that INEC will have given election personnel better training, especially about the use of modern tools like card readers and BVAS.

4. Reliable backup methods
Also, it would be anticipated that INEC will offer sufficient backup systems, especially in the event that there are any technological difficulties during the polls.


5. Enhanced technological security
Nigerians want INEC to enhance the security of its technology in light of the numerous promises made regarding the elections, particularly with regard to preventing hacking and other types of cyberattacks, as some people theorized during the presidential race.

6. Quick resolution of technical issues
Possibly one of the difficulties in the presidential election was the slowness of communication, especially when issues were highlighted, and the lack of timely solutions.


In order to prevent delays and ensure a smooth election process, Nigerians will expect INEC to have a quick response plan in place for any technical difficulties that may arise on election day.

7. Openness in addressing mistakes
As anticipated, INEC will need to maintain transparency in dealing with any potential technical or human errors that may arise during the polls, especially in giving precise and timely information regarding the origin and remedy of such errors.


8. Better interaction with the general public
Nigerians would like INEC to increase communication with the electorate and stakeholders as a follow-up to number 6, particularly in providing regular information on the electoral process and any potential concerns.

The governor election will be a fantastic chance to totally rebuild trust between the people and the electoral umpire. Currently, Nigerians are prepared to ride the horse of their own destiny by electing the leaders they choose, and that much is certain.


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