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2023 Election

Elections: 15 suspects of tampering with the results were detained in Katsina



Police officers in Katsina State detained 15 individuals on Friday on suspicion of plotting to tamper with the outcome of the general elections in 2023.

The arrest was verified on Friday night by SP Gambo Isah, a spokesman for the Katsina State Police Command.


He clarified that the men were detained in Katsina together with an unknown number of laptop computers and software that was purported to be associated with a well-known political organization.

He added that an inquiry was already underway and that the soldiers were being held at the command’s Criminal Investigation Section.


He declared, “We detained fifteen individuals who were in possession of undisclosed numbers of laptops and political-affiliated programs. We have started our probe and don’t want to act prematurely. Although we don’t want to act hastily, we have already asked experts to investigate the items. The investigation’s findings will be made public.

On Saturday morning, Katsina State was generally calm because security personnel had already positioned themselves in key spots, such as the communities where polling would take place and other important areas throughout the state.


Also, there are limitations on both automobile and pedestrian travel across the state.

Moreover, security personnel were visible at all state entry and exit points.

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