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Elections could be affected by a redesign policy that targets some people and incites violence, according to Wike



According to Governor Nyesom Wike, the New Naira redesign program was intended to destroy some people, and it has sparked unrest and the potential to taint the upcoming elections.

Governor Wike stated that the timing suggests that there is a political component to the implementation of the redesign strategy in a press conference following the President’s national broadcast on Thursday morning.


According to Wike, “As far as I am concerned, I feel that this policy is targeted at specific people,” emphasizing in particular that his conclusion is supported by the government’s claim that one of the legislation’s primary goals is to reduce vote buying.

The governor responded, “it cannot influence us,” when asked whether he might be one of those targeted. He also said that there was no reason for him to engage in vote-buying because his accomplishments as governor were obvious and the people of Rivers State could attest to them.


Wike posed a rhetorical question: “You can see that the people support us; what are we going to do with vote buying?”

Further discussing the impact of the policy on the upcoming elections, the governor of Rivers State said that one thing he and his counterparts have been trying to avoid is a scenario in which violence breaks out during the implementation of this policy, resulting in the cancellation or postponement of the election.


He claims that this is the reason why it is being said that “all these things are targeted for people to be angry and violent and at the end of the day, the election will not take place.”

The governors claim that this can be prevented, he emphasized, and that everyone in Nigeria is interested in the upcoming elections and the formation of a new administration. He emphasized that these are just postulations.


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