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Elections in 2023: Despite the APC’s support for a power shift, Wike says he won’t join.



Despite the APC’s governors’ admirable stance on allocating the presidency to the South, Rivers State Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has reaffirmed that he will never join the party.

The governor reiterated that he is still an unrepentant member of the Peoples Democratic Party and called claims that he may join the APC fanciful (PDP).


These were expressed by Governor Wike on Monday in Port Harcourt, the state capital, at the 114th quarterly general meeting of the Rivers State Council of Traditional Rulers.

He told the council in advance of Saturday’s presidential election that he would only cast his vote for a candidate who could ensure national unity.


“I do not and will not belong to the APC. But they’ve forced me to admit that they are our nation’s heroes. The governors came out to declare that the presidency should move to the south in order to preserve national unity. The governors of the APC stated that given the current state of the nation, the presidency should move to the south in order to preserve national unity.

They might as well have replied, “No, it doesn’t matter. Governors already know the number. Still, we can state that it ought to stay put. Nonetheless, they chose not to. They claimed that given how we view this nation, we want everyone to come together.


“Let no one assert that because I control the populace, you will continue to rule. You need peace to rule, as you cannot govern without it.

Commenting on the PDP problem, the governor claimed that Rivers State has supported PDP all the way from Dr. Peter Odili’s time as governor up till his government. As a result, he argued that it is utterly unacceptable for a portion of the country to prevent others from taking part in overseeing the affairs of the country.


“We all identify as Nigerians, and we want national unity. We want Nigeria to flourish as a unified nation. One Nigeria has always been supported by Rivers State, and we will keep doing so. But in doing so, we act in accordance with our beliefs in equity, justice, and fairness. I shall vote in favor of the country’s unification as the governor of this State. Anything that brings Nigerians together would receive my vote.

“I won’t back any cause that will split Nigeria. And thus made the live and let live principle necessary. Things won’t go well if only one person survives. It’s about Nigeria, not the party. I am a Peoples Democratic Party supporter who, in fact, helped create the party after others fled.


He explained that he has been one of the PDP’s leading voices for diversity because he believes in the strength of the nation. He believed that a strategically important State like Rivers could not be reduced to a supporting role in the nation.

Although Governor Wike does not encourage traditional rulers to get involved in politics, he urged them to support Sir Siminialayi Fubara, the PDP’s official candidate for governor, in order to continue the developmental progress his administration has made since 2015.


I’ll be a former student in a few months (governor). but previous a great deal. There won’t be any problems for me during my transition. Make sure you vote for the right candidate. Our state will regress if you misinterpret everything we have accomplished. We should permit continuation.

The governor proclaimed that in the more than seven years of his leadership, none of the State’s 23 local government units could claim to have been overlooked in terms of project completion.


The traditional leaders received assurances from Governor Wike that no project awarded by his administration, including the dualization and reconstruction of the Ahoada/Omoku and Emohua/Abalama-Tema roads, will be canceled.

Before he leaves office, the governor of Rivers State has vowed to provide official automobiles to all of the state’s recognized traditional leaders.


His Majesty King Dandeson Douglas Jaja, Jeki V, Amanyanabo of Opobo, the chairman of the Rivers State Council of Traditional Leaders, praised the governor for treating the council with respect since taking office.

The monarch notified the governor that members of the Council had decided to support any candidate for governor of his choosing who would continue the state’s development according to his plans after a representative meeting of the Council members.


The monarch has asked political figures and their supporters to carry out their activities peacefully prior to the general election so that the people will still have a State to cherish after the polls.

They should keep in mind that no resident of this State is worth the blood for any political ambition. We must keep in mind that political parties are merely means for people to obtain political offices.


They are not long-lasting. Politicians are free to switch parties if conditions change. So, we urge our leaders to abstain from violence and to cease using our children as human shields. Let’s keep the peace that we have under this regime.

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