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Everton Is Not For Sale, Moshiri Declares



The British-Iranian businessman is looking for outside funding to assist in finishing the new 53,000-seat Everton stadium. Farhad Moshiri, the largest shareholder of Everton, has stated that he will remain a part of the Premier League club despite protests from fans urging him to leave.

However, the British-Iranian businessman is looking for outside funding to assist in finishing the new 53,000-seat stadium for Everton.


With the Toffees now in last place in the Premier League, Frank Lampard’s dismissal as manager on Monday threatened their 69-year run in the top division.

Everton’s board has been the target of numerous fan protests in recent weeks due to the team’s poor play. As a result, the directors chose not to attend a game against Southampton earlier this month due to security concerns.


Since taking over in 2016, Moshiri has invested a lot of money. Everton has lost £372 million ($457 million) in the last three years.

He has received harsh criticism for how he has managed the team, with Lampard becoming the seventh permanent manager to leave the position in the past seven years.


In a video interview with the Everton Fan Advisory Board that was released on the team’s website, Moshiri stated, “The club is not for sale, but I’ve been talking to top investors of true quality to bridge a gap on the stadium.”

To be completed in time for the 2024–25 season is the Everton Stadium, which will be located in Liverpool’s Bramley Moore Dock.


“I’ll handle it on my own. I want to do it so that prominent sports investors will invest in Everton. We are nearing completion of a transaction,” stated Moshiri.

“It’s not at all about selling the club; it’s just about introducing additional knowledge in terms of international sponsorship and business growth.”


Everton’s ability to narrowly avoid relegation last season was greatly influenced by the Goodison Park crowd.

In reaction to a “existential” situation, Moshiri urged the people to help the squad in that way.


The present is the most important period in our history. It’s almost existential,” he continued.

“I’m dedicated to this team, not just for this stadium, but also to reach the best. But I need your assistance.


“The most significant component of the Everton tradition is the fan base. Only the two of us can get through this together, so we must do it together.

“The twelfth man and Goodison have been essential to Everton. Without the supporters’ unwavering backing, we are significantly weaker, thus I will stop at nothing to win their support. I work on it nonstop.


Everton won’t play again until February 4, when they host Premier League leaders Arsenal.


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