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FG establishes farm estate on 100 hectares



On 100 hectares of property in Sokoto, the federal government has built an integrated agricultural estate that includes, among other things, a millet and maize plantation, cow pens, and an animal husbandry facility.

According to the report, the facility, which is being built by the National Agricultural Land Development Authority, will be self-sustaining, limit cow movement within the region, and put an end to conflicts between farmers and herders.


Paul Ikonne, the executive secretary of NALDA, said he was pleased with the quality of work being done at the facilities after inspecting the animal husbandry farm on the 100 hectares of land and the poultry feed mill set up by the authority.

In a statement released on Monday in Abuja, he said that the modern animal husbandry had cow pens with a capacity for 500 cows, cow milking parlors with a capacity for 200 cows per set, and napier grass on 50 hectares, while the construction of clinics/veterinary sections and a training center was ongoing.


Ikonne said, “This is essentially based on Mr. President’s directive to NALDA, which is in keeping with NALDA’s mandate.

He added that the farm will create jobs, sanitary milk production, and cow fattening for meat and that NALDA was dedicated to attaining food security and development.


According to the NALDA boss, the farm will also educate and inspire young farmers to pursue careers in animal husbandry and animal food production.

The chicken feed mill is situated at Dayin village along the road to Doba, in Sokoto State. The 100 acre farm estate is situated in Dabagin-lafia, adjacent the Usman Danfodio University farm.


Ikonne said, “NALDA is partnering with Prime Ranch Ltd, who gave the 100 hectares of property where we are setting up the animal husbandry farm, napier grass field, and will plant maize and millet on 30 hectares of the abovementioned area.

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