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2023 Election

Findings from the presidential election reveal that Peter Obi lost in 19 states.



The assertions that Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate, won the 2023 election in 19 states have been criticized as false.
According to Naija News, there were online rumors last week that Peter Obi, who finished third with six million votes, had won the election as a result of irregularities that marred the collation of results.

Dino Melaye, the presidential campaign spokeswoman for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), also confirmed that the LP had won 19 states.


After the election, the former governor of Anambra State declared in his first speech that he had won the election and would demonstrate his victory in court.

On the basis of information from the Independent National Electoral Commission’s website, Dubawa, a fact-checking organization, claimed Peter Obi did not triumph in 19 states.


It added that the report of Peter Obi winning 19 states was based on a survey conducted by Nextier on January 27, 2023, adding that results from polling units across Nigeria had not yet been fully uploaded on the IReV portal.

The report stated: “DUBAWA visited the INEC’s result viewing porta at 5:47 PM on March 7, 2023, and only results from 164,233 polling units—representing 92.87% of the total 176,846 polling units—had been uploaded on the IREV portal.


“This indicates that the IReV portal had not yet received the results from 12,613 nationwide voting locations.

“Therefore, it is false to reject the INEC-announced results and assert that Mr. Obi won 19 states, including the FCT.


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Additionally, the results Mazi Chiemena Samuel posted on Facebook, showing the Labour Party’s victory in about 18 states, including the FCT, are not from the IReV portal. It is actually a report from a survey that Nextier conducted on January 27, 2023.

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