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Governors’ objections to the new naira —El-Rufai



Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State, denied that governors are opposed to the redesign of the naira because it would prohibit them from motivating voters during the upcoming elections.

El-Rufai claimed that governors rebelled against the program because of the misery it had caused the people, and he added that it had turned the APC against the people.


The governor emphasized that the redesign of the currency was insufficient to deter voter inducements in an interview with BBC Hausa on Monday.

“We evaluated this policy and the pain it caused people to endure as well as the animosity Nigerians had against the APC, he said, adding that Nigerians are blaming the APC and the individuals who implemented the policy did so to cause our party to lose the election.


“When we had done our review, we decided that the supreme court’s ruling, which said that both the old and new notes should be utilized until the issue was resolved, should be adhered to.

Does vote-buying now exist? Why wasn’t the currency overhaul done earlier? Why now? Second, is naira the sole currency used for vote buying? You can buy it with dollars, euros, CFAs, or by feeding the voters.


There are a variety of ways to purchase votes. Money cannot be eliminated from politics, but it may be reduced.

He insisted that the program was pushed to the president by the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele, in collusion with opposition party members.


We are not against this policy because of vote buying, El-Rufai remarked. We oppose it because of how we witnessed people suffering, not because of the elections, I swear to God.

“The proponents of the naira makeover are not APC supporters. Godwin Emefiele was introduced by the PDP, as you can see. Because they are not party members, the others with whom the decision was made are aware of them and will out them when the time comes.


“God willing, on Saturday, the populace will take revenge on those attempting to bring our party to its knees. whom the APC given the chance to obtain money that was more than enough for them to go shopping since some of them understood that shopping in their houses was tough for them eight years ago, but now, they have more money than you can imagine.

El-Rufai claimed that the president had declined to alter the course of action because he had been informed that governors are liars.


He declared, “We (governors) have lost our reputation because a president is someone who believes in people. Governors are robbers, as he has been informed, which is why we oppose the naira redesign policy. Even if we approach him and inform him that “our leader you have been lied to in this area” and he replies, “I understand and will take action on it,” he will be commanded not to do so as soon as we leave. Each individual is a nine out of 10. We consider the president erred in this regard.

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