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Guardiola: Why Arsenal is triumphant



Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, believes Mikel Arteta has benefited from the patience shown to him during his early years as the Gunners’ manager.

For three and a half years, Arteta assisted Guardiola at City before earning his first senior management position at the Emirates in 2019.


Although the Spaniard achieved initial success by winning the FA Cup in 2020, none of his first three seasons saw him finish in the top four of the Premier League.

With a five-point advantage over City and a game remaining against Guardiola’s team, Arsenal is now on track to break a 19-year title drought.


“I had the impression. Regarding Arteta’s coaching skills, Guardiola remarked, “We knew it when he was here.

The largest compliment also goes to Arsenal for believing in him and supporting him during difficult times. They also kept him and relied on him.


“In the end, time and investment are required, and the results are there. To challenge them is a challenge for ourselves.

Manchester City dominated English football during Guardiola’s leadership, winning nine major trophies and four Premier League championships.


But in recent weeks, he has made an effort to rekindle the fire that has brought his team such great success in his players.

Arsenal’s zeal throughout the first part of the season was even highlighted by Guardiola as an example for his team to follow.


“The best team is one that scores 50 points in one half of the season.” We have to prove how far away or how close we are,” added Guardiola on Friday’s cup clash.

“I advise them to conduct their own searches. The only solution is to perform better when they are unhappy for a variety of reasons.


“The past is what you think about. Past events belong in the past. For the work we will do in the future, we are paid. What will we do in the future regarding the contract extension? The past has passed.

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