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Harry Kane will receive the ‘vision’ of Tottenham manager Postecoglou, he claims.



Ange Postecoglou, the new manager of Tottenham Hotspur, has promised to discuss his ‘vision’ for the team with striker Harry Kane in an effort to persuade the England captain to remain in London.

Several clubs have shown interest in Kane in recent days, including German powerhouse Bayern Munich, who are rumored to have made a £70 million bid for the 29-year-old.


The prolific striker, Kane, whose deal with Spurs expires in June, scored 30 goals in the Premier League last year.

With 280 goals in 435 games, Kane, a product of Tottenham’s academy, holds the record for most goals scored by a single team.


Kane is a top-tier striker in the world, and Postecoglou, who took over as Tottenham’s manager in June after Antonio Conte was fired in March, wants him included in this team.

“I just want to introduce myself to Harry, give him my vision, understand his vision from him, and try to succeed,” he concluded.


“I’ll talk to him about how we can make this club successful, and I have no doubt that’s what he wants, too,” she said.

“What I know right now is Harry is part of this squad and looking forward to coming back among players, training, and start working together,” he said. “I will miss attempting to build a team if I worry about impact for too long.


“Ultimately, creating a team in a specific style will be what makes us successful. I won’t pass up this first chance to decide what will be crucial in the long run. It transcends people, too. There is a guiding ideology for the team we want to be, and important players inside that.

Tottenham hasn’t received any awards since the League Cup in 2008. Postecoglou, the club’s new manager, has stated his ambition to win championships and “create something that lasts.”


Postecoglou declared, “I want to bring success to this football team. “I always take over clubs after they’ve had a poor season or seasons,” the owner once said.

“Creating something that endures and endures beyond my term is what I value the most. What drives me most is the situation that Tottenham is in right now.


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