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2023 Election

Hometown of the Ogun governor, thugs damage ballot boxes



On Saturday, armed individuals broke into a voting location in Ayegbami, Ogun State’s Ikenne Local Government Area, smashed a vote box, and interfered with the local election.

Ayegbami is a street in Iperu, Ikenne LGA, the home town of state governor Dapo Abiodun, according to daily updates.


According to an eyewitness who declined to provide his identity to our correspondent for security reasons, the motorcycle-riding criminals broke into the voting booth at 3.40 p.m., stole the ball box, and damaged it.

“The Ayegbami voting unit has been destroyed,” he declared. Both the ballot box and the papers were damaged, and they were all over the floor. I had to leave the area right away.


According to a local who talked to our correspondent under the condition of anonymity for security reasons, the thugs promptly left the polling place after upsetting the voting process.

“Several boys broke the ballot box at the voting location in Ayegbami. They took all the ballots and ran, leaving the smashed ballot box on the highway. They were on motorcycles, the local claimed.


Our observer walked to the scene of the attack while keeping an eye on the voting process at Abiodun’s polling place in Ward 3, Polling Unit 002, Ita Osanyin, Iperu, Ikenne LGA.

When you arrived at the voting location in Ayegbami, it was deserted and ballots were all over the street.


On the highway, the damaged vote box was also seen.

According to our correspondent, locals were incensed by the assault of the voting place.


While some claimed the attack was unjustified, others claimed politicians were behind it.

As they vented their anger at the attack, the mob attacked Ward 3, Polling Unit 003, Iregun, which was near to the governor’s voting location.


Determined voters and security personnel, including the police, army, NSCDC, and NDLEA, among others, rejected attempts to torpedo the voting process in the polling unit in Iregun.

Abimbola Oyeyemi, the state police public relations officer, promised to learn more about the attack and come back to our correspondent when he was contacted.


As at the time this report was written, he still hadn’t done so.

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