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I Need N70m In ‘Hard Copy,’ Says Doguwa, For Election Costs



Ado Doguwa, a member of the House of Representatives, claims that the currency crisis will have an impact on politicians’ spending for campaigning, noting that he needs N70 million in “hard copy” for the election.

After the Nigerian president’s directive to the CBN over the naira exchange, he said this following their Thursday meeting at the Aso Rock palace in Abuja.


“I must have a hard copy of this N70m. The House leader made reference to Section 88(4) of the Electoral Act, which sets a limit on election expenses for House of Representatives seats at N70,000,000. “That is the position of the law, and as I speak to you, I don’t have it,” he added.

Regardless of their political allegiance, he continued, all candidates for public office will be impacted by this. He claims that many locations lack banks or ATMs, making it difficult to pay party agents and other election-related workers.


“And don’t forget the argument I made as a partisan member that the policy is against the ruling party in and of itself because unsatisfied People will view it as a policy of the administration of the APC. This has already given us a disadvantage, he continued.

Although the action is wise, he contended that the timing is poor.


Some of us think the policy is really beneficial, but as members of the ruling party, we are concerned about why it is being implemented now.

“You come out with a policy that is not universally embraced by Nigerians 30 to 40 days before elections, and whether we like it or not, that will be perceived as the government’s agenda,” he said.


Doguwa argued, “Therefore those of us in the APC are not thrilled about it.



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