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JUST IN: Sandra, Theo Traw evicted from BBTitans



Leandro Trossard, a hat-trick-maker against Liverpool earlier in the season, has already left Brighton for the Gunners this month.

But their absences did not appear, as Liverpool was permitted to coast for the whole of the second half.


Due to their challenges on Evan Ferguson and Alexis MacAllister, Ibrahima Konate and Fabinho were incredibly fortunate to avoid receiving a red card.

Mitoma’s creative cross was brilliantly saved by Alisson, who pushed himself in front of Solly March, while Konate blocked Ferguson by doing the same.


However, Brighton’s sustained pressure was finally rewarded when Mitoma scored his fourth goal in six contests.

Each pair was invited to select a codename, and several couples combined their individual names to create their group names.


The following pairs were put up for potential eviction during the nomination process on Monday: Nelisa and Yemi Cregx, Justin and Yvonne, Tsatsii and Ebubu, and Sandra and Theo Traw (Santheo) (Yelisa).

Through their ability to veto, the Heads of House, Blaqboi and Ipeleng (Blaqleng), had the chance to save a couple and replace it with another.


Blaqleng replaced Royals with Juicy Jay and Olivia after saving the Royals (Juiovla).

Juvone, Yelisa, Santheo, and Juiovla were the four pairs of nominated housemates after the veto save twist.


Santheo was eliminated from the competition on Sunday after receiving the fewest votes in the fan poll.

Sandra claimed, “I was stepping on toes and cracking necks,” whereas Theo Traw said, “I didn’t get anything from them (housemates) in terms of attempting to make talks.”


22 candidates (11 Nigerians and 11 South Africans) are now in the running for the $100,000 top prize after Sandra and Theo Traw were eliminated.

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