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On April 4, Azuki will release Gloomy Bear: Apocalyptic Love in English.



The English-language digital release of Gloomy Bear: Apocalyptic Love, a manga by NAZ and Masato Fujisaki based on the Gloomy Bear character created by Mori Chack, was announced by Azuki on Tuesday. The single-issue manga will be accessible on Azuki’s website, iOS, and Android apps.
Azuki explains the plot of the manga:

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Even after drifting apart, a young couple kept keychains as remembrances of one another. However, one day when they are being attacked by zombies, the keychains come to life and defend them! Can Gloomy Bear and All-Purpose Bunny reunite the two while also defeating the zombies?

The Gloomy Bear character was created by Mori Chack in 2000. Other characters made by the illustrator include Podolly and Kumakikai.


The first episode of the television anime series Itazura Guma no Gloomy (Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly) aired in April 2021. The character’s 20th anniversary was commemorated in the anime. In 2014, Mori released an animated “trial” short for the persona.

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