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Over the gasoline and naira issues, Makinde deploys free buses.



Seyi Makinde, the governor of Oyo State, ordered the deployment of free “Omituntun” transit buses on Friday night in an effort to lessen the impact of the nation’s fuel shortage and currency crisis on state citizens.

The Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State, a state-owned radio station, broadcast Makinde’s announcement to the entire state.


The governor expressed disapproval of the violent protests that broke out in the state earlier on Friday and declared that his administration was prepared to take any necessary action to ameliorate the suffering of the populace.

Though he said that his government will not support the collapse of law and order, he urged state citizens to air their frustrations in a peaceful manner.


According to a statement made by Taiwo Adisa, the governor’s chief press secretary, Makinde also placed the state’s security services on high alert to prevent any breakdown of law and order, as reported by The Eagle Online.

The governor claims that in order to lessen the suffering of the populace, additional routes throughout the state would have Omituntun Mass Transit Buses deployed to transport residents at no cost.


The governor added that he was collaborating with the state’s local government chairmen to offer urgent palliatives to the most vulnerable citizens in order to lessen the suffering that the crises had caused.

Makinde pronounced, “My Dear Good People of Oyo State.


“I am speaking to you today because of the circumstances in our state and nation, which have sparked riots and protests, particularly in Ibadan.

“Let me start by saying that I recognize the necessity of these protests. There is only so much that people can take when they are pushed to the limit.


“Slow economic activity is a result of ongoing gasoline shortages and naira shortages. I must say it again: I feel your suffering.

“I have always believed that protests that are nonviolent are acceptable. We have the right—and even the duty—to protest when things aren’t going the way we want them to.


“Also, when we are protesting, we must keep in mind how quickly a nonviolent protest can become violent, resulting in the loss of lives and property. Violence like the one that broke out in some areas of Ibadan today (Friday) is abhorrent and will not be condoned.

“Violence does not and cannot solve our issues; on the contrary, it simply makes them worse. In a few weeks, we will have another chance to steer this nation in a different direction. Use your PVC instead of using force.


“We must not permit elements inside us to use peaceful demonstrations to further their own objectives or commit atrocities.

I kindly request that all law-abiding people and state residents carry out their legal obligations. The peaceful citizens of the state have nothing to worry because all of our security agencies are on high alert.


“As a temporary fix, I’ve ordered the free deployment of Omituntun Mass Transit Buses on more routes across the state.

In order to help the most vulnerable members of our community cope with the sufferings that the double scarcity of fuel and the naira have caused, we are also collaborating with Local Government Chairmen.


We have the chance to end oppressive regimes once more, and this time it’s through the ballot. I urge everyone to maintain their composure for the time being while we work to lessen the difficulties.


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