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2023 Election

Party officials argue over the voting schedule at Funke Akindele’s polling place.



During the voting process at polling unit 019, Ita Aro square, ga/Ijimu ward in Ikorodu, Lagos State, representatives of the Peoples Democratic Party and the All Progressives Congress exchanged blows.

At 12:16 p.m., deputy governorship candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party, Funke Akindele, cast her ballot at the PU.


When an assistant INEC presiding officer shut down the voting process by 3.30 pm, the altercation started. The APC representative demanded that voting go on despite being unhappy with the outcome.

Before voting was about to resume, a PDP representative verbally attacked the APC representative.


Both parties are still engaged in a verbal battle as of the time this article was filed.

According to earlier reports, the crowd became aggressive when Akindele arrived and insisted that the PDP candidate join the line.


Akindele, however, overcame the dramatic protests and cast her ballot shortly after noon.

The entertainer/politician was hurriedly escorted by two assistants to her QX56 Infinity Vehicle, which had obscured license plate numbers, after casting her ballot.


The well-known actress, who had earlier indicated her desire to speak with our correspondent, was forced to swiftly leave with her crew as a result of mounting pressure by aggressive hoodlums looking for giveaway money.

The process was ruined by INEC officials’ tardy arrival and fights between voters who complained that the poll officials were “too slow.”


Adebowale Ajayi, the Chairman of the Ikorodu Council, attributed the voters’ disruptive behavior to the INEC officers’ tardy arrival.

“INEC came late,” he remarked. Many were unhappy as a result because of the strain and the length of their stay.


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