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PDP lacks a winning structure in South and West, according to APC



According to Chief Alex Ajipe, the South-West Zonal Director of the Social and Humanitarian Directorate of the All Progressive Congress’ Presidential Campaign Council, the opposition parties in the region lack the organization necessary to prevail in the election scheduled for next month.

Ajipe assured reporters in Akure that the party would win every election in the region.


“I don’t believe in the ideology of PDP. If anyone in PDP believes that they can win this election, the person is wasting his or her time because there is nothing that can make PDP win this election, there is no structure,” the former senatorial candidate for the party in Ondo North Senatorial District said.

He claimed that the party’s zone governors had done a fantastic job, which would result in a significant increase in votes in the upcoming elections.


Speaking about his desire to run for the Senate and the outcome of his legal action, Ajipe declared that he has chosen to back Jide Ipinsagba as the party’s nominee.

Ajipe refuted the rumor that he intended to leave his party in response to the outcome of his lawsuit he filed against lpinsagba.


He stated, “At the present, I am still a member of my party, the APC, and I will be running for every candidate who is running right now and has been approved by the INEC. I continue to serve as the PCC of the APC’s Director of Social and Humanitarian Affairs.

“I’m going to campaign for people like our candidate for the Northern Senatorial District, Jide Ipinsagba, and others, and even though we’ve already started doing so with our branded vehicles bearing their images and names, I don’t hold any grudges against him (Jide Ipinsagba) because politics is about interest.


In addition, we will extensively campaign for all of the party’s candidates throughout the entirety of Ondo state and the South-West. I’m using this chance to tell all of my fans that I’m still a member of the APC and that we will all work together to advance the party.

We will continue to be here because we believe in what we know, the majority, and God Almighty, and if we keep working toward our goals, we will eventually succeed. There are still many opportunities for you to help people, so it’s not just when you become a senator that you may do so.


The PDP’s senatorial candidate for the North Senatorial District hails from my federal constituency and zone, and he is actually a friend of mine.

“But this is a party affair, it’s all business, and politics isn’t about your brother or sister,” the person objecting said. I would have joined the PDP if I had wanted to work for him, but since I’m in the APC, I would support my party and the candidates.


No PDP structure is capable of winning this election in Ondo state. Tokunbo Modupe, one of my kinsmen, is a gentleman, but he will not succeed in this election.

“The role I currently hold is one of accountability and respect for the party, and Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a human resources developer who I personally adore. No one can dispute the fact that we currently have many of his items around the world.


Ajipe continued, “We want to vote for an economist, Tinubu, because we think that in the end, we will be able to take the necessary action.


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