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Precious Bello will represent Nigeria in an international beauty competition.



Queen Precious Bello, the reigning Face of Nigeria, graces the cover of the 2023 Deluxe edition of the famous lifestyle magazine, Hustle.



The model turned serial entrepreneur, who is poised to represent Nigeria at the Face of Beauty International pageant finale in the Philippines in 2024, discussed Nigerian pageants and how she navigated the market.

“My experience, particularly for face of Nigeria, was one that informed me that yes, some pageant brands are still true and real,” she added of stories about girls paying their way to the crown by sleeping with the organizers.


“I had a lot to learn throughout the tournament because everyone was exposed to diverse teachings, which I personally made sure I encrypted in my heart and preserved in my writing pad.” If I didn’t come out on top in the end. I’ll still think of myself as a winner. And, yeah, I paid my way in by doing a little bit more of everything, learning, paying attention, completing my job, and leaving no stone unturned.”

The beauty queen also encouraged young models who want to advance in the industry to “push through the restrictions of society and become a better version of yourself.”


Precious stated that she had taken various personal development programs, reached out to the less fortunate, and participated in community services across Nigeria in order to impress on the worldwide pageant.

The pageant, which will take place next year, will welcome delegates from all around the world, and Precious will be seeking to add to her pageant resume by being the first Nigerian to win the renowned Face of Beauty International title.

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