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Restaurants reopen in order to provide service



Restaurant Crepaway Nigeria, which offers a variety of exotic international cuisines, recently reopened with a blend of fine dining and entertainment. The purpose of the event was to provide a venue where nollywood celebrities, business executives, entrepreneurs, guests, and friends and family looking for a getaway could enjoy a fine combination of entertainment and exotic food prepared with the finest ingredients in a sophisticated setting with exceptional service.

Nashaira Belisa, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Crepaway Nigeria, claimed that the restaurant firmly distinguishes itself from others by providing individualized dining experiences for every customer.


“At Crepaway Nigeria, we provide a personalized dining experience where diners get to interact with the head chef host as well as waiter/waitresses during their visit,” she said. She continued by saying that the combination of comedy, exotic food, and music enhances the enjoyment of guests and visitors.

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