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Riots caused by fuel shortage and naira shortage lead to the arrest of 30 suspects in Ogun.



As a violent protest over petrol shortage and the new naira notes rocked the town early on Monday, normalcy seemed to have returned to Sagamu, Sagamu Local Government Area in Ogun State.

Cars were stolen and burned, banks and commercial locations were targeted, and stores had to be kept under lock and key.


30 people have reportedly been detained in connection with the unrest, according to the state commissioner of police, Frank Mba, who arrived at the scene with his troops and soldiers.

The violence allegedly began at 5:30 am while law-abiding individuals were still asleep, according to the locals.


The Sagamu neighborhood was most severely impacted on Oba Erinwole Road, where roughly seven commercial bank branches were attacked, their ATMs plundered, and vandalized.

Hoodlums also smashed a bank branch’s wall in an effort to get inside the strong room and banking area.


It took the involvement of a joint police squad led by the commissioner of police and Nigerian Army soldiers to stop the violent protests from getting worse.

Following the violent protest that shook up the previously quiet village, 30 people reportedly were detained inside one of the banks.


Mba issued a warning against engaging in violent protests because doing so would exacerbate the already precarious position in the nation.

Although some normalcy has returned, men and officers from the command have now been placed in key locations to guarantee that law and order is maintained.


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