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Sakamoto Days Chapter 105 Release Date: Slur Targets The Order’s Members!





Sakamoto Days Chapter 105 is scheduled to release in the 10th issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and it will officially begin the new arc in the series. The attack on the JCC arc turned out to be bigger than we expect while it ended in getting the information on Slur and our main character’s victory, it sure brought a lot of casualties on the way.

It starts with Satoda sensei’s death and Akira leaving the School with Kanaguri to after Slur. It would have been smarter for her to stay with Sakamoto, Shin, and the others while learning about Slur and then going after him but vengeance has taken over her which has resulted in her acting prematurely.


However, it was concluded that Akira is stronger than any of the students and might be very close to strong characters such as the members of the Orders. Speaking of the Order, while they have their own duties to maintain balance, Slur’s next move is on taking the strongest foundation of JAA which is the members of the Order.

It was noted in the latest chapter that Slur still has some members up his sleeve and the moment they arrive they will be making their move on the Order. With Sakamoto Days Chapter 105 releasing next week which will begin the new arc fans are on the edge of their seat waiting for the chapter to be released so we have brought an article discussing the upcoming chapter in detail.


For this post, we will give you every one of the subtleties for Sakamoto Days Section 105, for example, the delivery date of the part and the different timing for the section also. In any case, before we dive into those subtleties for Sakamoto Days Section 105 let us first take a speedy recap of the most recent part of the series and revive our recollections with the data we got in it. Here we welcome you the most recent reports on the Sakamoto Days manga series.



Sakamoto Days Chapter 104 Recap

Sakamoto Days Section 104 witnessed the occasions following the assault on JCC with a burial service for the instructors and the understudies that kicked the bucket. The Understudies including Amane were vexed that they love Slur and his association yet Sakamoto says that it was unavoidable, Slur planned to come after JCC now or later.

The best thing about the entire occasion would be that Amane’s granddad, the data set was gotten and he can now give them the information they need about Slur. Amane’s granddad is glad to see Sakamoto and asks what he maintains that should do now. Sakamoto says that his past is after his family and subsequently as a dad, he will deal with it and he won’t let Akira be as well.


Amane’s granddad starts enlightening Sakamoto and the others regarding Slur beginning from how he experienced childhood in a JAA halfway house and joined JCC at 14 years old. Slur whose genuine name is Kei Uzuki gotten JCC together with high scores in any case, he then, at that point, never remained as an exemption while he was in JCC and left JCC in his last year of graduation.

It was reputed that Kei was killed yet Amane’s granddad says that he saw him in open a couple of years prior and saw everything distinctively as though he was someone else. Subsequently they infer that Kei could have a behavioral condition. Their preliminaries in finding Slur’s shelter days lead to finding a rundown of understudies who vanished when the halfway house was singed and obliterated which incorporates Gaku, Uda, and a few others.


In the mean time, at Slur’s association, we see that Slur is illuminating the individuals about additional individuals returning to the association and when they are here, they will go after the individuals from the request which makes Gaku extremely energized.



Sakamoto Days Chapter 105 Release Date

Sakamoto Days Part 105 is planned to deliver on Monday, February fifth, 2023 at 12 PM, highlighting the tenth issue of Shuesia’s Week by week Shonen Bounce Magazine. Since the time will differ, beyond Asia, the majority of us will get the part on February fourth, 2023 on Sunday.



Read Sakamoto Days Chapter 105 Online

Sakamoto Days Section 105 will be made accessible to peruse free of charge on different stages, for example, Viz Media and Manga In addition to which will likewise incorporate the most recent three and the primary parts of the series to peruse for nothing..

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