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Senator Kingibe said the Senate will summon Wike and others due to the insecurity in Abuja.



The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Nyesom Wike as well as law enforcement agencies would be called before the Senate, according to Senator Ireti Kingibe, due to the rise in criminal activity in the nation’s capital.

The increasing level of insecurity in Abuja has been in the headlines, but the congressman representing the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) stated that the Senate will invite them to discuss his measures to safeguard the city when it resumes later this month.


Senator Kingibe, who was elected under the Labour Party (LP), stated on Channels Television’s current affairs program Sunday Politics, “I plan that the (Senate) FCT committees, specifically me, needs to sit with the two ministers and the security agencies for them to give us their plans concerning security when the Senate resumes.”

“I’m not hoping for anything. I’m sure he’ll be called in. But that’s a whole other story when it comes to his response or lack thereof. However, he ought to have a strategy since he is the FCT’s main security officer.


“He ought to be able to inform the committee, myself included, that this is the strategy for safeguarding the citizens of the Federal Capital Territory. They need to establish a plan between him, the commissioner of police, and the head of the DSS.

“Identify the Primary Cause”


The congressman who took office last year praised the FCT’s security authorities for their efforts to eradicate crime. However, she said that she had voiced concerns about insecurity in Abuja before things became heated.

And I have to give the security services credit for acting when we began to yell. However, the reality is that when I tried to gain their attention a little while ago, I was informed it was over the top. I responded that it couldn’t be because what I was telling them was not something I saw on social media. I got it from my constituents. However, I’m happy that everyone seems to be in agreement now,” she remarked.


“They’re making an effort to treat everything seriously, but much more work has to be done. Releasing the abductors is merely the sign. We must identify and address the underlying cause of this widespread insecurity.

However, there has been some progress made by law enforcement in battling insecurity, apprehending some culprits, and freeing victims who were kidnapped.


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