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The Dark Doctor Ikuru Chapter 20: Release Date, Preview & Where To Read



The Dark Doctor Ikuru Part 20 will get back with another horrid story that will make you question how far this specialist will pass on. Ikuru is one of the aggressive series in Shueisha’s shonen hop, as it is grimmer than anything you have seen previously.

The specialist needs to fix the world and figure out how to bite the dust while getting it done, and simultaneously, he has become so wrecked that his psyche has begun to become spoiled also. He looks for thrill in restoring and desires to wind up dead simultaneously. It could likewise be said Ikuru would be a weighty metal specialist who might do stuff that isn’t ideal for everybody except the individuals who like it will stay with it.


What’s more, considering the way that Shonen has begun to turn out to be increasingly dark nowadays, it is nothing unexpected we will have series like these. Trimming tool Man at present holds most close to home person passings in a dull world with no expectation or future. However, Dim Specialist Ikuru is unadulterated Butchery, and there is parody in it that isn’t tracked down in many spots.



The Dark Doctor Ikuru Chapter 19 Recap

The Dark Doctor Ikuru Part 19 had Ikuru manage Specialist over who is a superior specialist. However, this is a series that doesn’t treat it in a serious way, and the specialist being referred to slices individuals in parts of fix them. An alternate sort of frenzy when contrasted with Ikuru, yet franticness in any case.

The specialist had cut Ikuru earlier into pieces because of the conflict the two had. He didn’t intend to cut him, however his rehearsed intuition followed up without really thinking. In any case, Ikuru has developed a little since he originally showed up. Ikuru presently has amazing recuperating that appends the cell the second they are cut off from one another. Subsequently, when Ikuru was sliced to pieces, his body connected to himself the following moment.


The specialist was somewhat stunned by this yet generally entertained to perceive how bizarre Ikuru’s body was. This rose the competition between the two, and they were currently in a match to see whose training was greatly improved when it came to saving lives. Notwithstanding, one of the bad guys was that the specialist had reawakened.



The Dark Doctor Ikuru Chapter 20 Spoilers

The Dark Doctor Ikuru Part 20 will be a three-way, no, four-way battle as the Ikuru, Specialist, the power, and the revived are going to conflict with one another. The beast was a man that had been spreading fear in the city and had been requested to execute without hesitation by the ruler. Then again, the police force was going to kill Ikuru when he showed up, however they were put to stop when the sovereign showed up.

Ikuru had helped his country previously, and the ruler was obligated to him for that. The sovereign prostrated himself to have him be pardoned for anything he had done (he hadn’t done anything). However, the matter can go. Further, the specialist from various fields was conflicting.





What is the release date for The Dark Doctor Ikuru Chapter 20?

The Dark Doctor Ikuru Chapter 20 will come out on February 6 and February 7, 2023, for the following regions.

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 8.00 AM PDT (6th February of 2023)
  • Central Daylight Time: 10.00 AM CDT (6th February of 2023)
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 11. 00 AM EDT (6th February of 2023)
  • British Summer Time: 4.00 PM BST (6th February of 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time:  8.30 PM IST (6th February of 2023)
  • Singapore Standard Time:  11.00 PM SGT (6th February of 2023)
  • Philippines Standard Time: 11.00 PM PST (6th February of 2023)
  • Korean Standard Time: Midnight KST (7th February of 2023)
  • Japanese Standard Time: Midnight JST (7th February of 2023)
  • Australia Time: 00.30 AM AEST (7th February of 2023)


Where to read The Dark Doctor Ikuru Chapter 20?

The Dark Doctor Ikuru Chapter 20 will be available to read on Manga Plus. You will like to read about Call of The Night/Yofukashi No Uta, set in a world where vampires are real and not as bloodthirsty as depicted in other fictional stories.


The protagonist wants to fall in love with a vampire so he can become one. Also, check out our article on Boku No Kokoro No Yabai Yatsu, a wholesome story where the protagonist believes he has a bloodthirst but learns to grow out of that thinking.


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