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The Navy intercepts eleven stowaways on a ship bound for Ghana.



On the way to Ghana, a patrol squad from the Nigerian Navy’s ship BEECROFT found and arrested eleven stowaways on board the GWANGZHOU HIGHWAY PANAMA.
The people were apprehended on Tuesday at around 7 p.m. by the Navy Ship BEECROFT patrol crew, according to a statement released on Thursday by H.A. Collins, the Base Information Officer of the Nigerian Navy Ship BEECROFT.

He added that the ship was instructed to stop inside the Lagos anchorage and that the Western Regional Control Centre (WRCC) was notified right away.


Four stowaways were first taken into custody from the ship’s stern. But evidence from these people indicated that there were more stowaways on board the ship.
The statement stated that “an astounding 7 more stowaways were uncovered within the ship following a comprehensive search, bringing the total to 11 stowaways who were promptly disembarked from the vessel and taken into custody.”

In compliance with established norms, the stowaways have been turned over to the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), according to the official.


The following people have been detained, according to the Navy:

19-year-old Shedrack David from Ondo State.
Godspeed, 30-year-old Emmanuel from Delta State.
Adamawa State native Ibrahim Hassan, thirty years old.
21-year-old Solomon Francis is from Ondo State.
28-year-old Bolaji Johnson is from Ondo State.
37-year-old Samsom Aimy is from Bayelsa State.
27-year-old Ayefuwei Collins from Delta State.
28-year-old Ayo Gula is from Delta State.
23-year-old Jolomi Daniel is from Ondo State.
Two young people from Zamfara State, Abubakar Ibrahim, 19, and Precious Uwalogho, 30, are from Delta State.




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