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Tinubu rejected by Group urges North



In the upcoming presidential election, Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC), a pan-Northern group named Arewa Democratic Watch (ADW) has urged people in the area to abstain.

The organization claims that the former governor of Lagos State had previously shown his contempt for the area and that his current attempts to court their support for electoral purposes are quite hypocritical.


In a statement released by its National Coordinator, Mallam Ali Komo Musa, on Wednesday in Kaduna, ADW expressed the view that electors in the North should exercise caution due to some anti-North sentiments Tinubu had previously expressed.

“I am using this remark as an occasion to remind Northerners of their duties in front of the upcoming general election, which will start next month.


In order for us as a people to be able to make the best decision that would ultimately serve our interests in the long term, Musa said, “the call has become so vital and auspicious at this time.”

He said that Tinubu had previously led efforts to support anti-regional agitations and warned that the North would perish if he were elected.


“How do you want us in the North to trust someone who had in the past been calling for Resource Control and True Federalism? Don’t forget that he once granted an interview where he said that he didn’t believe in Nigeria,” he said.

The group also faulted the campaign style of Tinubu which he stated is not grassroots based, adding that rather than wooing key leaders in the North, Tinubu has been relying on governors to win.

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