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Train crushes Government Staff bus as many people are hurt



On Thursday, A Train and Bus  incident occurred, Mr. Fidet Okhiria, the managing director of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC), delivered a summary of the briefing he received on the earlier-in-the-day train and bus disaster.

In the Sogunle neighborhood of Lagos, a personnel bus for the Lagos State Government and an NRC train collided on the rail track.


The National Emergency Management Agency reports that two bodies have so far been found at the location and that numerous other people have been hurt.

“Based to the information I gathered at the scene of the event, they said numerous automobiles stopped when they got to the level crossing while the Lagos State Staff Bus driver continued travelling, which I don’t know why,” Okhiria told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos.


“Maybe the driver believed he could pass before the train approached. We deduced that because he was unable to pass, the train struck the bus and smashed it.

“The train was headed toward Iddo from Ijoko,


In order to prevent railway accidents, he advised Lagos drivers to exercise greater caution when crossing the level crossing.

The managing director pleaded with drivers to always keep the level crossing in mind since he cared about the staff members of Lagos State.


While approaching the level crossing, Okhiria advised drivers to stop at the designated spot and not proceed.

A moving train struck a bus carrying employees of the Lagos State Government at PWD, Ikeja, according to a statement from Mr. Taofiq Adebayo, Director of Public Affairs and Enlightenment at the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA).


According to Adebayo, the staff bus’ registration number was 04A- 48LA.

The first emergency responders on the scene, according to him, were LASTMA enforcement personnel.


Adebayo claimed they had requested assistance from additional emergency personnel.

He claimed that because there were so many government employees on board the staff bus heading to work in the morning, there were several victims in the accident.

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